Our Services

All of the services we provide are at the highest level of quality possible, not just creating natural beautiful smiles, but to help our patients achieve and maintain an optimal level of health and wellness.

Complete List of Services

Smile Designs

The most comprehensive approach to achieve beautiful teeth and a radiant image is with Smile Design. This is a highly customized treatment plan that incorporates some or all of the most technologically advanced procedures available today-orthodontics, porcelain veneers, bonding, contouring and restorations. A majority of the dental work I do is Smile Design, and it requires a blend of knowledge, expertise and a sense of aesthetics to create natural, beautiful smiles. Part of my Smile Design treatment plan utilizes specialized cosmetic computer imaging that allows patients to view the closest approximation of the expected results-the width of the new smile as well as the length, shape and color of teeth. This process is a life changing experience for my patients and one of the most rewarding facets for everyone in my dental practice.

Restorative Dentistry

Today, your teeth really can last a lifetime! All it takes is a little care and a great dentist, like Dr. Hansen. For example, some of your dental work may be many decades old, greatly increasing the risk of decay setting in around the edges of old fillings or crowns. Upgrading to durable, ceramic fillings helps save teeth, and they look beautiful too. Or, if you’re missing a tooth, modern restorative implants look, feel and function just like natural teeth. Give yourself a boost and consider your smile.


This is a safe, effective and fast whitening procedure that we can do in our office. In just over an hour, your teeth can be dramatically brighter. Digital X-Rays | We use a technique called “digital radiography” which utilizes an electronic sensor (instead of x-ray film) to capture an electronic dental image. Almost immediately, the image may be viewed on a computer screen. The best part of it is that less radiation is required to produce this type of image than with standard dental x-rays.

In-office Dental Laboratory

Our office is one of the few in the nation that offers the unique advantage of having a private dental lab on the premises. I work directly with a full-time ceramist to create every one of my patients’ veneers, crowns, bridges and implants. This translates into perfect- fit, premium-quality dental work right from the start. My treatment processes are therefore streamlined, and most importantly beautiful smiles are the end result.

Porcelain Veneers

Placing porcelain veneers on discolored, chipped or uneven teeth is a great way to create a natural, beautiful smile. Veneer laminates are typically long lasting, ultra thin and custom designed to perfectly fit your teeth.

General & Wellness

Preventative dentistry is the best dentistry. Regular check-ups help ensure a lifetime of splendid oral health while early detection can sometimes avert expensive major repairs. Sadly, oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer with the worst five-year survival rate, but it is readily diagnosed through regular checkups. Mom was right….An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

IV Sedation Dentistry

Sedation is one of the most comforting options I offer to patients who are undergoing major cosmetic or restorative dental procedures. By working closely with a board certified anesthesiologist on the premises, we are able to safely and effectively induce deeply relaxed, pain-free states of consciousness. By doing so it’s possible to substantially reduce the procedure times-sometimes by as much as 50%.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We have all seen those “extreme makeover” television shows. The new smiles created are absolutely amazing. But what you see on TV only represents a fraction of the cosmetic advancements that highly skilled, technologically savvy dentists provide today-far more comfortably and economically than ever before. Are you happy with your smile? If you could, is there something you would like to do to improve it? Making your smile more attractive doesn’t need to be an extreme process in pursuit of perfection. Sometimes just being comfortable and confident when it’s time to smile is what cosmetic dentistry is all about.

Professional Whitening

While over-the-counter remedies are now readily available, dentist-supervised whitening treatments are still the AACD recommended procedure for bleaching discolored teeth. In my office, we create custom dental trays and dispense highly effective gels that may be used at home.

Laser Bacterial Reduction

DIAGNOdent is a revolutionary technology that utilizes a simple laser diode and allows us to thoroughly inspect your teeth. By comparing reflection wavelengths, we can detect decay in tooth grooves, fissures and cracks-the type of decay that could go otherwise undetected.

Ultrasonic Scaler

The hygienists in my office use an ultrasonic scaling device that emits a very controlled, high-pressure stream of water to remove plaque from your teeth. Faster and far more comfortable than traditional methods of cleaning teeth, you’ll be sold the first time you visit the hygienists in my office.

Porcelain Crowns

An optimum way to rebuild existing teeth that are either decayed, damaged or missing is with porcelain crowns. They look great and can restore a tooth to its original strength and functionality.

Natural-colored Fillings and Restorations

Even though you may have had some tooth decay, it doesn’t have to look like it when you open your mouth. One of the most basic, inexpensive and aesthetic procedures performed in my office is to fill cavities with long-lasting, tooth-colored, ceramic material in lieu of metal.


This is an outstanding way to straighten teeth without having to wear traditional metal braces. The invisible aligners used are removable, comfortable and highly effective.

Minimal-Prep Veneers

This type of veneer is contact lens-thin, super translucent and requires little or no tooth reduction. The best part of having a dentist who is an expert at designing and placing them is that you can count on the results being absolutely beautiful.


Missing teeth used to be a lifelong problem. Now that natural-looking porcelain bridges are an option, I expertly fill gaps with permanent, beautiful replacement teeth.