Natural-Colored Dental Fillings and Restorations

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Even though you may have had some tooth decay, it doesn’t have to look like it when you open your mouth. One of the most basic, inexpensive and aesthetic procedures performed in our office is to fill cavities with long-lasting, tooth-colored, ceramic material in lieu of metal.

While metal fillings remain a popular and economical option for filling cavities, advances in technology have provided many alternative choices when it comes to restoring teeth suffering from decay. Many dental offices in Roseville and across the country are using more modern materials, like tooth-colored resin composites, to fill cavities while maintaining the tooth’s natural look.

So what’s the problem with silver/mercury fillings in your teeth? Aside from being eye-catching (and not in a good way), these metal fillings can weaken teeth, lose structural integrity, or even break, leaving the tooth susceptible to decay.



At our dental office in Roseville, CA, the J. Hansen DDS team uses tooth-colored fillings, which are bonded (glued) to the tooth rather than mechanically “locked in” like dental amalgam fillings. This means less of the tooth structure needs to be removed. The resin bonds to the tooth, resulting in a stronger tooth by reinforcing it.

The resin composite tooth-colored fillings expand and contract more similarly to your teeth than metal fillings when you eat hot and cold foods, making them less likely to cause cracks that can lead to more serious issues over time if not detected.

Fillings that match your teeth are aesthetically pleasing, giving you more confidence to smile and laugh without feeling self-conscious that others will see your dental work.



Do you have existing silver fillings that you would like to replace? We can replace your current fillings with tooth-colored restorations that will bond with your teeth, creating a sealed, secure fit that will provide additional strength, feel natural, and look beautiful.

J. Hansen DDS specializes in creating and maintaining beautiful, healthy smiles. Contact our Roseville, CA dental office, conveniently located in the Greater Sacramento area, to learn more about our amazing services or to schedule a complimentary consultation.