Laser Bacterial Reduction

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At our Roseville dental office, J. Hansen DDS and his dental team are committed to providing patients with the latest technology, including Laser Bacterial Reduction, for the treatment of periodontal disease and to improve overall oral health.


You may have heard that your dental health has a direct correlation to your overall health. When you have inflamed gum tissue, it can open the door for bacteria to enter and take residence in the periodontal pockets that surround the teeth.

Extensive research indicates that the bacteria found in patients with gum inflammation and periodontal diseases can contribute to strokes, heart attacks, and even Alzheimer's disease. These bacteria can also affect diabetics by greatly increasing their risk of kidney failure and heart disease, and bacteria has been associated with low birth weight and preterm babies when present in pregnant women.

By using Laser Bacterial Reduction, we can painlessly circle the teeth with the laser, immediately reducing the number of bacteria in periodontal pockets from billions to hundreds. This allows the area to heal, the pockets to shrink, and the gum tissue to reattach with proper dental care at home. The treatment generally takes ten minutes or less, and the laser offers no discomfort to the patient.



Laser Bacterial Reduction can be used to effectively decontaminate teeth prior to cleaning appointments. Here are some ways LBR can benefit you:

  • To support the immune system and improve overall health
  • To reduce/eliminate Bacteremias (bacteria that can enter the bloodstream)
  • To kill the bacteria in periodontal disease before they can cause gum tissue to detach
  • To prevent infection in one area of the mouth to spread to other areas

When choosing a Roseville, CA dentist, look no further than J. Hansen DDS for state-of-the-art care with a personal touch. Contact us today with questions or to schedule an appointment.