IV Sedation Dentistry

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At J. Hansen DDS, sedation is one of the most comforting options we offer to patients who are undergoing major cosmetic or restorative dental procedures. By working closely with a board certified anesthesiologist on premises at our Roseville dental office, we are able to safely and effectively induce deeply relaxed, pain-free states of consciousness. By doing so, it’s possible to substantially reduce procedure times, sometimes by as much as half.

Intravenous sedation allows for the reduction of procedure times because the patient remains conscious, essentially allowing the dentist and patient to continue to interact, which results in greater cooperation throughout the entire process. However, this is not to say that patients will remember the process because they often don't recall what is happening while the drugs are in effect. The sedation simply helps to alleviate anxiety that could be incurred while undergoing the procedure in order to provide a much more comfortable and less fearful experience.

Another benefit of IV sedation dentistry is that it is very safe and reliable. Intravenous sedation can reach levels unattainable by inhalation or oral sedation, and the dosage can be quickly delivered and easily tailored to the needs of the patient. In fact, because of the way IV sedation is administered, it is considerably safer than oral sedation. Since intravenous sedations are designed to use as little medication as needed to get the job done, administering the anesthetic becomes simpler, and tracking possible problems becomes easier. Statistically, IV sedation is safer than even solely administering a local anesthetic.

If you live in Roseville or the Greater Sacramento area and would like to learn more about our intravenous sedation options for dental procedures, contact one of our helpful associates today.