In-Office Dental Laboratory

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There are many benefits to having a dental lab on the premises of a dental office, but such offices are hard to find because they can be cost prohibitive, especially for smaller practices. Although somewhat more common than they used to be, in-office dental laboratories are still quite rare. However, J. Hansen DDS proudly offers the service of an on-site dental technician in our Roseville dental office to meet the varied needs of all of our patients.

The major advantage of having a laboratory in the office is that we can efficiently provide quality products to our patients while simultaneously personalizing care. Having an on-site laboratory allows patients and doctors to converse with the technician directly, providing the technician with more insight into each case and more feedback from both the patient and dentist. This will allow the lab technician to develop materials better suited to meet each individual patient's needs, and the doctor will be able to better supervise the entire process, ensuring a higher quality of service than is typically possible in offices that outsource their work to remote labs.

Our office is one of the few in the nation that offers the unique advantage of having a private dental lab on the premises. Our treatment processes are therefore streamlined. We work directly with a full-time ceramist to create every one of our patients’ veneers, crowns, bridges and implants. This translates into perfectly fitting, premium-quality dental work right from the start. Most importantly, the end result is a beautiful smile.

Of course, injury or decay may have significantly compromised the quality or attractiveness of your teeth over time. Whether the damage is extensive or relatively minor and localized, we offer many types of cosmetic services to rectify the situation. Dental implants, bridges, bonding, and natural-colored fillings and restorations are just some of the practical solutions we offer for restoring a healthy oral structure.

If you are looking for quick, responsive, professional dental care in Roseville or the Greater Sacramento area, J. Hansen DDS has you covered. Contact us today to learn about our many excellent services and our equally excellent people.