How Much Does it Cost?

Cost Should not be the Determining Factor when it comes to your Smile and Self Confidence… Results Should Be!

The answer is that the price varies depending on the quality, design, and workmanship that you desire from the finished product, as well as the care and attention that you received along the way. Although sometimes inquiries are only about cost, that should not be the only determining factor. Just as you were selection a cosmetic surgeon, or even a restaurant or hotel for that matter, you wouldn’t want to make you selection based on price alone. Ask yourself: What is my smile worth to me? How does it make me feel? Will a gorgeous new smile change my life? Like all purchases, cost is relative to value. To some, a luxury vehicle is expensive, but to others, it is a great value. No two patients are alike, and here, treatment is tailored to meet the needs of each patient’s individual needs. The cost of our cosmetic procedures can range from a few hundred dollars, to thousands. That’s because cosmetic procedures can run the gamut from entry-level tooth whitening to complex full mouth restoration. Each patient should have the benefit of a custom designed treatment plan best suited to bring about his or her individually customized smile.Factors that influence our fees include our investment in top of the line materials, the latest dental technology, the most advanced continuing education, and the use of our own in house ceramist.

Financial Information


Forms of Payment

In addition to providing the highest quality dental care available, we are committed to providing these services affordably. You may choose from a variety of payment options-Visa, Master Card, American Express, personal checks or cash.



Whether or not there is a dental insurance benefit pending or has been received, our patients are responsible for making full payment directly to my office within 60 days of the treatment date. Unpaid balances over 60 days will incur a finance charge of 1.5% each month thereafter (18% per year).


Financing Your Dental Care

Some of our patients opt to entirely finance their dental care or seeks additional funds for procedures and treatments their dental insurance doesn’t cover. With Capitol One, you may qualify for 0% interest, short-term financing over the phone. Or if you prefer a longer term loan, the average rate of interest charged is usually lower than most major credit card companies. If you are interested, we are here to assist you in exploring these options.


Dental Insurance

We know how important it I to receive the maximum insurance benefit you may qualify for. As a courtesy, we process the necessary claim forms in my office and directly submit the required documentation to insurance carriers. For further details, see the insurance information sheet we have included in the pocket to the right.

Prepay Courtesy

An excellent way to qualify for 5% savings on your dental care is to prepay us for your treatment at least 3 days prior to your treatment.